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photos each of us sees something different to interest us


well done you moshed it!!


wotcha, i hope you find the graphics you are looking for. for a quick look at my new stuff check out the new/chaos page. i am influenced a lot by my music.

this site will evolve. so if it does not look finished that is because it is not and i hope will never be. if all you take are ideas to use then thats cool, enjoy.m.

another flag example

rock chick tee


hey hey stoni


i would like to thank the resources i have used extensively.


a great source of free vectorsa great source of free photoshop brushes


a great source of free fontsa great source of free and paid extensions


the music i use in my flash player examples is by Eric Michael Combs who can be found at emc1studios. emc 100% Creative Commons with single condition of attribution.

photo banner 001

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